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Why Climbing Sensei?

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This isn’t one size fits all.

There’s more to climbing than generic fitness plans.

Most online training programs offer cookie-cutter options that focus solely on strength for the masses. With two decades of coaching experience, Coach Sjong knows fitness is just a fraction of one’s overall climbing ability.

Take a second and think about this…

  • How far can brute strength take your climbing abilities?
  • Are there specific styles of climbing you’d like to improve in?
  • How do you manage stress while on the rock?
  • Do you have a mental framework for scoping climbs before you even start?

Let coach create a holistic improvement plan tailored to your individual goals that tackles not only fitness but technical skills and mental capacity as well.

As your coach, my job is to listen to your goals, evaluate your current skill set, and then design a training plan tailored just for you. As your technical and mental skills change and improve, I adjust our plan so that you can achieve new goals, perform better, and have more fun.

The Climbing Sensei Four Step Process

Online or in-person, Coach Sjong will dial in your training plan.


I watch you climb and carefully note elements that define your climbing “personality” and style, your values as a climber, and other elements of your movement that help define your natural awesomeness and athleticism.


I use my 20+ years of experience as an elite climber and coach to evaluate why you climb the way you do. This will help me formulate your plan for improvement that aligns with your goals.


I use my notes to teach you to see what I see: how you climb and why you move the way that you do. Then, I clearly express, in a style that suits you, how we can make the changes needed for improvement.


Finally, I test your new skills in different situations to learn when your performance succeeds or needs help. We discuss the results and I adjust our plan accordingly.

I can’t thank you enough for your coaching earlier this season. I ended up making way more progress than I expected, and your pointers were critical. Keen to pick it up in the spring and see where we can go!