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This isn’t one size fits all.

There’s more to climbing than generic fitness plans.

Most online online training programs offer cookie-cutter options that focus solely on strength for the masses. With two decades of coaching experience, Coach Sjong knows fitness is just a fraction of one’s overall climbing ability.

Take a second and think about this…

How far can brute strength take your climbing abilities?
Are there specific styles of climbing you’d like to improve in?
How do you manage stress while on the rock?
Do you have a mental framework for scoping climbs before you even start?


Let coach create a holistic improvement plan tailored to your individual goals that tackles not only fitness but technical skills and mental capacity as well.

Monthly Online Coaching

Coach’s most popular option. This program includes a full customized training plan, video analysis, and skype consultation. Coach Sjong will take your individual goal, schedule and personality to craft a plan that makes sense for you. Whether you’re getting ready for a big wall mission or just looking to improve your weekend climbing, Coach Sjong will craft an easy to follow training program that gets the results you care about.

-World class coaching from your laptop or smartphone
-Have coach give in-depth climbing movement analysis and feedback via video from your climbing gym
-Skype consultant to understand you as a person and what obstacles you’d like to conquer as a climber

Did You Know… Coach Sjong is Climbing Magazine’s go-to resource for information on best practices in climbing training.

Private sessions with Climbing Coach Justen Sjong are the best way to improve very specific climbing skills and test them through fitness routines. Coach Sjong will complete a full evaluation to determine the ideal places to make positive changes in your climbing and gear each session to your precise needs. He will provide homework after each session and he expects you to spend time working on those tasks.

-Sessions typically take place at Movement Denver/Boulder (Other locations are possible with travel expenses covered)
-Coach often utilizes tools to enhance the session like wireless heart-rate monitors, video analysis apps, and system boards
-Private or semi-private sessions are available to fit your schedule

In-Person Private Sessions

Training Camps

Are you a coach or gym manager looking for the most efficient way to offer value to your climbers? Training Camps are perfect for raising the intensity level. When athletes train in a group, they can train harder than alone because the “suffer factor” is easier to embrace–maybe even fun. In addition, groups receive short, inspirational lectures. These talks can last from 15 to 30 minutes and we explore climbing concepts in more detail. Coach Sjong offers a variety of training camp styles to suit whats best for your participants.

-The Bouldering & Boards Training Camp zeros in on improving your bouldering skills: power, precision, dynamic movement, mantling, and more.
-The Sharp End Training Camp helps climbers who like to tie in improve their performance with technique and confidence.
-Youth Training Camp gets young athletes excited to try hard and train the way elite climbers train, but in a program designed especially for junior crushers.